Compass for Life School: Dollis Primary School

25 February 2022

Compass For Life

Super North Star School Wall

Recently the Compass For Life team have been running a programme in schools across Barnet Council to train them to become Compass For Life schools. We have been working in several schools to empower and inspire their teaching staff and raise aspirations amongst their pupils.

Rosetta Dyer, Headteacher of Dollis Primary School shares why she brought Compass For Life to her school

Last month, Compass For Life CEO Floyd Woodrow visited Dollis Primary School in Barnet where we brought together the teachers who are delivering the Compass For Life programme throughout 7 different schools in the area as part of a masterclass.

Compass For Life Masterclass with teachers

We used Lego Play to discuss what a great teacher and school would look like. In all cases the teachers spoke about the need to give the children in their care high levels of support but also challenge. They wanted to create an environment of adventure and experience for the child to find their passion in life. They also spoke about enabling the children to have mental and physical resilience strategies and great communication skills.

After this session Floyd spoke with a group of Year 5 children about their Super North Stars as the school has already started to take these children on their Compass journey.

The energy and clarity of purpose was wonderful, especially as one of the Compass team, Garth Miller, was there to talk about his own Super North Star which is to climb Everest in the coming months.

Then, Floyd spoke to the children’s parents and did a brief overview of the programme. They were fully engaged and wished that they had this programme as a child. He encouraged them to create a Compass For Life map as a family too.

The final session was with the teachers from Dollis Primary School during which we went through their own journey using the Compass map. What Floyd loves about the school is that they also use the teachers’ maps during any performance review. They spoke about how this had become a really positive experience for everyone.

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