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Where your journey begins.

As our name suggests, Compass for Life isn’t just a one-off course that you complete. No matter which course you select, we aim to provide you with lifelong learning and development programmes and the skills required to navigate each and every obstacle that life throws at you.

Whether you’re at the top of your game looking for new challenges or searching for something more from life; a teacher looking for ways to encourage children’s ambitions, or a manager wanting to coach your team towards a shared goal, we offer a wide range of leadership and self-development courses which can be tailored to your needs and desires. Each of our courses follows the same evidence-based methodology that combines the best aspects of elite performance training.

One-to-one courses

For those seeking guidance and support on their individual quest for self-development, our one-to-one courses are designed to give an insight into the Compass for Life philosophy and framework. Here, you’ll learn how the cardinals work individually, but mostly how truly transformative they can be when brought together in perfect equilibrium. Often, this course is the first step on your journey to a new way of life as we teach you to build your own Compass for Life map to reach your personal or professional goals.

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Bespoke team building courses

If you’re looking for something truly unique to bring your team together, our bespoke courses offer a unique opportunity to take your team on an epic journey of discovery. From international sporting teams to corporate businesses, we can create a bespoke course that is sure to unite any team while helping them to use the Compass model in their daily lives. Whether you’re interested in senior leadership team training that introduces all four of the Cardinals, or a deep-dive masterclass into one of the specific Cardinals, we’ll work with you to create a course that meets your goals.

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Elite Train the Trainer Course

If you’re a CEO, head coach, or senior leader who’s already mastered Compass for Life in your personal life, this course is the next step in your journey as a leader, allowing you to deliver our principles to the team you lead. As well as teaching you our methodology, we’ll delve deeper into your understanding of the cardinals.

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Education leadership course

This unique training course is designed for teachers and students alike. Whether you’re in a primary school, secondary school or post-16 learning, you’ll learn about the compass cardinals and how to apply these to your educational journey.

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Public Speaker Sessions

All of our Compass For Life Navigators are regularly called upon to deliver inspiring keynote talks and speeches that motivate teams and entire workforces. Whether your goals relate to the business world, global sporting challenges or human potential, we have an army of navigators to call upon, each with their own inspirational life story and experience. We’ll work with you to understand the angle or theme that works for your audience, but each of our public speaker sessions always centres the Compass For Life cardinals and methodology, reinforcing the same core message that there is a renaissance of opportunity at our fingertips, if we’re curious enough, brave enough, and committed enough to reach for it.

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Compare what we offer

Name Length Suitable For Outcomes
One-to-one Packages 4 sessions For those seeking guidance and support on their individual quest for self-development. Enhanced personal development with the ability to achieve clear, concise goals throughout life. Get In Touch
Bespoke team building Half day - 5 days For those looking to improve team performance, alignment and resilience. Team compass and map with documented long term goals and strategy. Get In Touch
Elite Leader Package 3-5 days For people with fully developed leadership capabilities. A refined understanding of the compass for life philosophy and cardinals and the ability to teach others. Get In Touch
Education Leadership Package Bespoke For senior leadership teams to set and share their vision and take their teams with them. Teachers will learn how to apply the compass for life philosophy to support their pupils self development. Get In Touch
Public Speaker Package 1-2 hours Book one of our navigators for an introduction to the Compass for Life philosophy as a unique way to inspire teams - both as individuals and as an organisation. Gain a fresh perspective on leadership and growth. Get In Touch